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Anonymous asked:

If "the only difference between a crossdresser and a trans woman is a statement of self-identification" then trans women and crossdressers are in-fact not the same. Your 'logic' makes no sense.


If you killed someone but you “don’t identify” as a murderer, that doesn’t bring your victim back to life. So sorry, but I think my logic makes more sense than yours!

Sometimes this really seems to shock people. They appear genuinely upset when I say ‘this conversation is over’ or ‘I’m actually not interested in debating this with you.’ There’s an expectation that if you care about social justice and political issues, you’re always ‘on.’ You’re always ready to debate, you’re always ready to have theoretical discussions about your own lived experiences and the issues you care about, you’re always ready to defend yourself. That’s manifestly ridiculous and unjust, an expectation that’s simply not reasonable.

Sometimes, I Just Don’t Have Time for Individual Fights | this ain’t livin’ (via brutereason)

Setting boundaries/self preservation <3

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"I don’t want to talk about this with you," is a surefire way to cause aneurysms too.

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I’ve broken this out a couple times and each time the person has refused to stop talking about it. They talk at me until i respond.

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